Monday, January 7, 2013

Mozilla to the rescue for Easy Street

With the problems getting pictures uploaded I took the advise that was given on Quiltville Chat and downloaded Mozilla Foxfire. Easy download and it is going to let me upload a photo.

With that, I was able to finish my Easy Street last night and get it photographed. I'm not sure about a border though.  Something I have to think about. Due to the time of day and lack of sunlight my picture is a little dark but the colors in this quilt are quite bold. At least I think they are.

The small squares in this are actually a dark marbled green. I might even have enough of it left over to use as the backing. Then if I could get so lucky to have any left I might use some for the binding. So I just may not have to buy any fabric for any part of this quilt. Just the batting.

I am considering making another one and changing the setting. This one had the blocks on point and someone chose to not do that. It looked good that way too. Wish I could remember who that was.


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful. I love how the green "frames" your blocks.

  2. Your color choices are wonderful - what a great quilt!!

  3. Very nice! The green 4-patches really tie it all together.

    1. Brenda, very beautiful! Love your color choices!

  4. Your Easy Street looks amazing. It's been so much fun working on this with quilters from all over the world.