Sunday, August 18, 2013

donation quilts

I got the last of my donation quilts for the firefighter families done Saturday. Seems nobody in my county ships packages on Saturdays so I have to do it tomorrow. I tried to mail out the two boxes but all of the UPS stores were closed.

Now I am working on finishing one of Bonnie's free patterns "strip twist" just have to put the borders on and I can send it off to be quilted. And I am trying to straighten out some rows on a quilt I am making as a gift for someone.  So frustrating. Then I can get to the final step of Quiltmaker Magazine's Bonnie mystery Lazy Sunday. Can't wait to have that as the only active quilt in the making.

Thanks to bills, school shopping will be off until a very busy holiday weekend. Yuck! Just wish I could get it taken care of sooner.

Ordered my tickets for the Northwest Quilt Expo in Portland. Just have to make reservations for the hotel and I'll be set. I'll be heading for it after my time with Bonnie In southern Oregon. September will be an exciting month.