Wednesday, January 9, 2013

getting scraps together

I found out today that I am able to get into the Scrappy Mountains Majesties class in Alpharetta GA next month. Yay!  Now I get to dig thru my stash and see what I have for that and the scrappy spiderweb string or whatever Bonnie calls it.

Tomorrow I head back to my headache doctor to update her on how well things are going. As luck would have it the snow level is supposed to drop to 1,000 ft. the pass that I have to cross over is 1,600 something. After a spin, quite literally, when ds was a baby in the car with me, and coming to rest on the guard rail I decided I hate driving in snow and ice. It's been sorta warm and clear here the last few days so I guess it had to happen.

So its off to bed early tonight so I can brave the 1 1/2 hour drive to the clinic first thing in the morning.

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