Monday, May 21, 2012

slow progress

For some reason I just can't get motivated to keep moving on ds and ddil's quilt. I do have a time limit as their 1st anniversary is in July. Not sure what my problem is.

I have been making progress on my Nine's in the middle quilt though. I have five blocks assemblede. It is coming together fast and easy. Wish the other one was. Here's a peak on this one.

Last weekend I went to our retreat home and this was all I was able to do. I spent the rest of my time reading. But on the up side, the installers finally finished putting in the carpet and the correct metal strips.

I stopped at my favorite lqs in Bend to use my gift certificate and found these cute little fabric knots. They are a great size if you are doing applique or scrappy quilt, which thanks to Bonnie Hunter I am now a huge fan of. Maybe that's the problem with my motivation on my son's quilt.

Dd came home with a note saying she finished all of the work for her grade level (and then some) so she didn't need to come to school again until Thursday when they have rehearsal for the graduation/end of year gathering. Um,  since we don't get a refund for her not attending school this week they can find something for her to do.

Guess I had better get back at ds's quilt.