Monday, October 22, 2012

Secret quilter surprise

Dh sent me a message today while I was at work telling me I had a package.  I was excited to get home and open it but seems he picked up the mail and didn't come home until two hours after I did. I wasted no time in opening that package.
My secret quilter was so generous to me. She sent a really fun seam ripper with thread catchers on the ends. beats me trying to pick at all those little bitty pieces. A handle for my rulers, some tacky craft glue. This is perfect as I am working on a project that required this glue. Her esp skills are amazing. Also some wonderful fabrics and spool of the most lovely shade of blue thread and spool sock. I have just the quilt for that thread. And a wonderful glittery picture to decorate for M to work on. When she is done making it pretty we are going to hang it in her room.

For some reason the flash on my camera wouldn't work. This is much prettier in person.

I didn't do any work on Midnight Flight yesterday or today. Yesterday I chose to clean out some kitchen cupboards. You know the always messy plastic container cupboard. It's now organized. That is until dh does dishes and tries to put them away. Same goes for the broiler and cupcake pans. Since he wasn't home I even packed up lots of coffee cups, plastic cups, I mean really, how many 32 ounce cups from taco time does one household need?? And other kitchen items. looks so much better now.

Now that winter has arrived it is time to buckle down and get sewing with a nice fire nearby and a Bones marathon.  

Sunday, October 21, 2012

quilt help needed

We have all heard of the horrible shooting in Aurora Colorado. There is a group that has started on facebook that is making quilts for the victims and the families of those lost.   It is Aurora Colorado Emergency Responder Quilts.

Please, if you were looking for a group to make and donate lap quilts to consider checking them out. I will be sending my Midnight Flight  quilt out as soon as possible.

Their site says they sent out 83 quilts in short order, for the first responders. Now they are looking to comfort the victims. Lets show our support and start donating today.

I have sent a message to them via facebook. As soon as I hear back I will post info here.

They are asking for the quilt to be 45x45 or a little bigger and gender neutral.

For sending a quilt for in injured victim send to :
Victim Services
c/o Carol O'Shea
15001 E. Alameda Pkwy
Aurora, CO 80012

Be sure to mark the box " quilt for surviving wounded"

If you want to send a quilt for a family member who lost someone in this tragedy contact the facebook contact and they will send out that info to you in a pm.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

So frustrated

I have my sister and niece here for a creative weekend. Sis is scrapbooking and my niece is working on her own quilt.

I have been working on my Midnight Flight. This is where it gets frustrating. I was so happy to see I have about a dozen blocks done. Then looked at the first one I did and saw that ALL of the rest of them were put together backwards!!!

The correct version:

And here is the backwards version:

The black triangles are facing the wrong way. I think it still looks great so I am just going to finish it this way and be done with it. Much like Bonnie, I won't be making another one of these. It is just way too easy to get the pieces backwards and not catch it in time. You could say I did more frogging than sewing. My niece had the same problem. She found she sewed a strip of sashing upside down.

Guess I should check on dinner and get back to the machine.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The big disappointment

Today I found out that the sign ups for Quiltmaker Block Party in Portland Oregon was open. I was so excited. I started the sign up process and saw that ALL of Bonnie's classes were sold out. Looks like it only took seven days. I was looking so forward to signing up for all of Bonnie's classes. Not happening this year. I sure hope she will do it again. I am already asking around for the other two visits she has here in Oregon next year. I'm not going to miss all of her classes. I can't afford to head east for a class. And after Bonnie's experience with a damaged sewing machine while flying I'm not up to that type of problem.