Monday, January 21, 2013

Another finish

Today was all about sewing down the binding on Cheerios. A quilt I made back in 2008 I think, as a group quilt with Red Thread Quilters yahoo group. I am going to send it off to first responders in Newtown Connecticut. Hopefully it will bring a little comfort to someone who needs it. As I looked at it I realized that this is my first scrappy quilt. And I like it.

 Now that this is done, I will go back to working on my BOM. I just need to cut a few more pieces and then I can make it into a top.

Then I will be off to Alpharetta Georgia to work alongside Bonnie Hunter. Such a great anniversary gift from dh.
It was such a beautiful sunny  and extremely cold weekend. I am enjoying it as that means it isn't raining. But when it does it will just rain later into the year.

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