Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sisters Quilt show

Today was the Sisters quilt show here in Oregon. It was a beautiful and HOT day for the show. The first thing I did was start collecting fabric. I had to think about pacing myself.  After I had seen all I was going to, about 3 hours later, I drove to Redmond and went to the Oregon Summer Quilt Expo. I was smaller this year but, still fun. It made for a full day. No cooking for me. Dh took me out for dinner. Since I don't have the ability to bring in more fabric and store it I had to leave the fabric behind. I did manage to come home with a quilt puzzle and t-shirt from the quilt show and several fun things from the expo.

Here are some of the wonderful quilts that were on display today.

Then I spotted this cute little foot stool.


And I found a
Bonnie mystery quilt. Celtic Solstice made by someone in Astoria Oregon. It was beautiful.

After all was said and done, I had a great time. Met up with friends and got a sunburn to go with it. I should sleep very good tonight. We'll see.

After this day of inspiration I am going to spend tomorrow in front of my sewing machine. I have Bonnie's Jamestown Landing, Cathedral Stars and Celtic Solstice kitted up and waiting to become beautiful quilts.

I can actually see the pattern coming together on the Jamestown Landing quilt.