Monday, March 25, 2013

Almost a finish

Here is what is on my design floor.

I started my scrappy mountain majesties in Atlanta on February 2nd and am now getting it to a top. This is lap quilt size so dh and I won't fight over the blanket while watching tv.
I just don't know what kind of border to put on it, if any.
I'm still creeping along on my spiderweb quilt. its my leader/ender project.
Today was lovely outside. It was definitely a beautiful spring day. Then about an hour and a half ago it started raining. So it is now more like a spring day here in Oregon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Well, not so much this weekend. I was able to finish clue number one today and am moving on to the four patches on Cathedral Stars. I am going to try out my new machine as the thread keeps breaking in the Janome. Was breaking before going in the shop and is still doing it. Of course I didn't mention that problem to the service guy.

Next weekend kicks off spring break and dh is taking dd away. I still have to work but I will have the evenings and weekends to sew undisturbed. Fun times ahead!

Monday, March 11, 2013

I do believe hubby thinks I'm nuts. I went out Saturday and bought a Singer sewing machine at a thrift store. It was priced at $35. After confirming that it worked I told them I only had $34. The nice lady behind the counter said "how about $30 and you can buy two coffees". I jumped on that.  It looks like a late 60's model maybe a 70's. As long as it sews a straight stitch, I'm happy! Now to find the perfect 1/4 inch on it and I'll be ready to pull out the fabric and start sewing.
Please excuse the mess behind the machine. I have all kinds of projects running behind it.

Time to tuck in the munchkin and put her p.e. clothes in the dryer so she can wear them tomorrow.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Deal of the day

I went to our local Goodwill and looked for fabric I found 9 yards of cotton fabric brand new for only $12.99! I scooped that up right away.  I normally only get about half a yard if it's colored and maybe a yard for neutrals but no way was I passing up a great price like that.
White with pink swirlies all over. I may have this forever but thats okay.

UPS came today to deliver a foam bed topper that we bought. Someone actually punched a hole in the box so they could get a grip.  I am not the strongest person but I was able to carry it from the driveway into the house without damaging the box. On one corner it was ripped so bad someone had to tape it at a corner. Bet if I complain they blame the company I bought it from. Here's some pictures. What do you think?

Good thing it wasn't fragile!
On the really good part of my day, I got an email saying I am registered for Bonnie's Cathedral Stars and Jamestown Landing classes in Medford Oregon in September. I almost told my boss I didn't need that week off. I'm soo glad that I didn't do that! This means I will have those two and Mountain Majesties and Scrappy Spiderweb quilts going at one time. I can use three out of four as leaders and enders. That will keep me quite busy. I was so excited that I started prepping my fabric for the classes.
I grabbed the bag that had all of the leftover neutral string triangles from rrcb. I figure if I sew them back into an 8" square (or whatever size they come out to) I will have a head start on the neutral string blocks for Jamestown Landing Since those are only 4 1/2". How's that for recycling fabric? 

Friday, March 1, 2013

treasures and such

A couple of days ago I found a good looking older sewing machine. Well older than me anyway. It's a White brand 60 something machine complete with cabinet and many fun accessories.
 The interesting looking hook thing is actually a guide for making straight quilting lines. I read the manual, the original, and it said the hook part goes in the previous stitch line and you will get a straight line as you move along. I can't wait to try this!

While I was out spending the day in the decent weather I stumbled across a White model 77 sewing machine. The tag said it was a 1942. I have yet to be able to check it out to be sure but what I did know in looking at it for a good 15 minutes is it was in great cosmetic shape. Didn't see any rust on the machine and the cabinet, or at least what I could see thru the coffee cups and the huge ceramic chicken sitting on it, was also in good shape and they only wanted $100 for it. The wheel moved smoothly and it had a bobbin in it but I don't know if it worked. I'm wondering if it would be worth the cash to find out.  Here is a picture of it.

 As I moved along I found these quilts. I love the scrappy stars on this one. The quilt just called out to be snuggled under. But the fabrics were just a little too worn for that now.

 A little further in I found this fan quilt. This store had quite a few fan quilts similar to this one. I was also looked and felt like a nice warm quilt but the fabric was a little too worn and both quilts were way to expensive so neither came home with me.

 I moved across the street to another antique shop and found these old relics. My mom was awed when I showed her the picture of the tv. She looked at me and said I remember those. She also remembered the stove.

I was showing these to her from the hospital. My niece was running in p.e class and hurt herself and passed out twice. She got an ambulance ride and after about an hour and a half, which is a record for our hospital, she limped out on crutches with a sprained hip. Ouch! But she has a high pain tolerance and went to school today and then is spending the night with friends.

It looks like I might make it into two of Bonnie's classes here in Oregon in September. Yay!! I am mailing off my registration tomorrow for her Jamestown Landing and Cathedral Stars workshops. I can't wait. I have already started picking my fabrics for Cathedral Stars and am hoping that my neutral triangle left overs from Roll Roll Cotton Boll will be big enough for using in Jamestown Landing.

Well I am tired as my work day started around 5:30am when I got called into work to help with an emergency and I have to work tomorrow. Night night.