Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission accomplished!!

WooHoo, I finally finished ds & ddil's anniversary quilt last night. I was up till midnight getting the pieced backing done so I could get it to my quilter today. I thought I would never see this day. Because I was up soo late I was really dragging at work this morning.  Here are pics of the flimsy as it sat on the floor.
Here's the top of the quilt.  And then with M's

help I got the back put together. No she didn't stay up that late. I had to do most of it by myself. Here's the back. Which I kinda liked the way it turned out. Thanks to this large use of my red stash I may have to restock my supply soon. Ooo, shopping trip.

Hopefully, I will get it back and be able to get the binding done before their anniversay on the 16th instead of after. Have I mentioned that binding is my least favorite part of the quilt making process?? I am starting to get arthritis in my thumbs so that type of work is getting harder for me to do.

Now I get to focus on the other projects that I have sort of neglected. Bonnie's Nines in the Middle is almost to row stage so I am pulling that back out and my block of the month quilt is only two months behind and they will be sending out July's block next week. Boy how time  flies. Then I can get back to cutting for Midnight Flight.

After such a wonderful day yesterday the rain did its part to come back. If my "garden" consisted of anything more than weeds I would appreciate the rain but weeds is what I am growing this year.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer begins

Well, almost summer. The weather here hasn't caught up to the calendar. M got pink eye on the last day of school. What a way to start summer break.

My car decided to fall apart. Isn't that what they do when they are paid for?? Almost $950 later it is running again. Hopefully for a very long time.

I will never understand the rudeness of some people. My last shopping trip to Winco made me understand why people go crazy. That is one store I may never go back to. The 10 minutes waiting in the parking lot for the dingy woman in front of me to move should've been my sign to just drive home.  But no, I had to go inside.  Stress level went thru the roof!

I have been plugging along on ds's quilt.  Maybe for their anniversary. If not well there will be Christmas.