Thursday, January 10, 2013

MIxed news

My doctor is happy overall with my treatment plan. I've gone from 2-3 headaches a week to only having had 3 in the last month. But blood tests showed I have a few deficiencies. Her recommend for anemia, eat red meat 2 times per week. I chose to quit eating beef when I noticed it didn't have much flavor. How is it possible to take the flavor out of beef?? Don't know but I seem to be able to buy the meat with the least amount of flavor possible.So that and a couple of supplements and hopefully I will be back to normal. Or close to it.

I dropped my machine off at a repair shop today on my way to the doctor appointment. I wanted it ready for my February trip to Georgia for Bonnie's classes near Atlanta. Seems I had the wrong style of bobbin in it and that messed up the whole area causing it to malfunction and refuse to backstitch.
I was able to pick it up on my way home. I thought I would have to wait for at least a couple of days to get it back. I will definitely use that shop again.

We saw some snow on the drive over the hill to Portland. It was really pretty to look at but the road near the summit got a little slippery. That's why dh did the driving. Poor guy, after working all night he stayed up to drive me to the dr.  Here is a couple of pictures I took. The first one is about 24 miles away from home and the other is at the summit of the coast range.

The blue sky didn't last long. Once we got over the summit the only thing we saw was lots of clouds.
And now its back to raining. The price of living at the Oregon coast.

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