Wednesday, August 15, 2012


M and dh are finishing up their trip. I have had the fun of working all week. Someone has to work in this family. lol.
While the family was away, I got to play. I did lots of sewing and ironing. Thankfully before the extreme heat hits. Its suposed to be in the 90's here on the coast. This is the coolest part of the state in the summer. Which is most annoying if you have to drive anywhere. Lots of tourist traffic.  We just aren't used to this kind of hot weather.

Here is a shot of what I have been working on.  I have  finished working on these blocks (for now) Now I can get my twosies into a 4 patch. Lots of little blocks. Midnight Flight is moving along.

I had the displeasure of spending 30 minutes waiting in line today at Safeway. The pharmacy. I so wanted to smack the people who knew there was a huge line and chose to argue with the pharmacy staff. Time to call it a night.