Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ever wonder what five miles of stop and crawl traffic looks like? Well two of three roads by 10:30, which is when I left since I got there at 7:30, look like this. Some of you may know this kind of traffic well. But I don't live in an area or visit any area that does. I can only guess how long these people sat in traffic and then fought to find a place to park. The other bonus to arriving early. It's not as hot.

My sister made it through surgery just fine. Doctor was amazed at what she found. She should be feeling better soon.

After all of our warm and sunny summer weather we had rain today. It wasn't cold but since I didn't have a coat and had to fill out forms while standing outside, I wasn't impressed.

I have been working on a quilt for a special little four year old and then I have to make one for his aunt.  Soon I will have five others that will need binding. My hands are already hurting just thinking about it. But it is worth it.

Now to continue with the quilt show photos. I couldn't believe how many I took until I started to edit them. Enjoy!

 And here is last years Bonnie Hunter mystery Easy Street. This pattern will be out in an upcoming book. The tag says it has 2500 pieces and was made by Deana in Kingston WA. who renamed it to Busy Street. Great job Deana!!

This quilt just reminds me of looking at a stained glass window. Beautiful.

 I found myself drawn to the bold bright colored quilts. They just seem so vibrant.

I need to check in with my sister at the hospital so I will put up more photos tomorrow.

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