Sunday, July 14, 2013

Let the show season begin

Friday I went to the Oregon summer quilt expo in Redmond. That was so much fun! Some very beautiful quilts and vendors for things I never knew existed.

This is an electric seam ripper. How useful is that? I have a quilt I am working on that needs lots of ripping out. Only warning with this is you have to be careful while using or else you tear holes in the fabric. Guess how I found out. Still it's faster than picking out all of the stitches.

This fun little thing is a binding holder. Simple design but it keeps your binding neatly contained and it won't tangle up around the feet. There is a quilt shop in Bend, OR that has an employee who knows the lady that came up with this so it is the only store in Oregon at this time that carries these. She is from Grangeville, ID for those who are interested.

This was a fun make and take project that I am still a little on the fence about. It is a pellon product with grids and a pattern that you lay out and iron on. Then you fold at the seams and stitch it down. Voila, the pieces don't fall off and you end up with an easy to do project. No pins needed.

Then I had to have some of the Bloc Loc squares and flying geese rulers. I'm counting on these making it easier for me on the part I hate to do the most. Squaring up blocks.

The quilt pictures from this show are on my phone since silly me forgot the camera. So I have to send those to myself before I can put them here.

Check back for some amazing quilt pictures.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Brenda, you surely did find some interesting loot! I can't wait to hear how you like those new Bloc Loc rulers. If they get your seal of approval, they'll be on my wish list right away. ☺