Thursday, May 16, 2013

Early Mother's Day gift and shopping

Last Saturday I took M to visit her brother after he got home from work. There is a big age gap between them. It was great to see him again and catch up on how he's doing. Went out for some dinner. But time passed to quickly and before we knew it we had to head home. I  would love to see more of him but he lives about 2 hours away and works a lot. It was a pre Mother's Day gift to all of us.

As we were killing time we made some shopping stops. We stopped in Lafayette Oregon at a former school house that has been turned into an antique mall. I was able to find a beautiful Fenten bell for my mother. So it was a good stop.

I also stopped in at the local Goodwill. There I found my latest acquisition of a sewing machine. I love the fact that the older work horse machines don't jump around the table and run away from you when you are sewing fast. There were two machines that I found interesting One of them came home with me.

One of them was a gold colored machine called a Golden _______something. But the wheel was dragging on it. Nice but I don't know the first thing about repair work and don't have a big budget for that.

The other one was what I am guessing is a Singer Supreme. Made in 1953 in Japan. Runs great and cleaned up wonderfully.

I really like the looks of the older machines. Hubby probably thinks I'm turning into a hoarder but I only have three machines and in my defense, I am thinking about selling one of them. Just don't need two light weight machines. I actually bought the other light weight to have when my sis comes over and we have a sewing/crafting day/weekend.
I haven't sewn a stitch on any of my projects all week. I find when I get home from work I want to sit in the peace and quiet of an almost empty house. Then I have to pick M up from my sister's place and the evening routine begins. Sadly I am starting to go to bed earlier as I get older. Just can't stay awake like I used to. Problem is I then wake up earlier than I need to. Who wants to wake up early when you have to go to work??

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  1. I'm guessing that your machine is a model 15 (judging by the fact that the tension assembly is on the face plate), singer clone.