Friday, May 10, 2013

busy busy

Isn't it amazing how fast life flies by? I sent off three quilts to the long armer and expect to start getting them back in July as there was no rush on any of them.

Then there was the two hospital visits. One for my niece who fell 15 feet out of a tree and broke her wrist. She also knocked herself out. Hope she doesn't climb any trees anytime soon. Then my mom went to the hospital for surgery on her neck.  Then I somehow manage to fall off a curb. Such talent huh?

Going to do a little bit of antiquing before going to visit number one son tomorrow. His wife is in Greece for the month as part of a school field trip. Wish I had those kind of trips when I was in school!

We have lucked out in the weather department this year. No flooding and have had some very hot summer like weather lately.

I let M help with my spider quilt last weekend. At first I just let her take the fabric and sew it together. But when I saw the interesting stitch line we decided to let me guide the fabric through the needle and she could run the foot pedal. She was so excited at the thought of "quilting".  I was using my 60's White machine and for some reason it starts out at a good speed and then slows down.  Need to take it in and have it serviced.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there.

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