Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend pictures

I finally found all of my Bonnie weekend pictures. I had to have dh transfer them from one computer to another. Seems I didn't get any on the Saturday workshop but did get some on Sunday and at the trunk show/lecture on Monday.

Bonnie was such a fun person to be with. I hope someday I will be able to attend another one of her classes. But until then I have memories and the start of two quilts.

These were the two women that I sat and sewed with. Renee on the left and Barb on the right.
I met Barb on the internet after she saw that I was attending that class. Barb had been chatting with Renee online for about three years and were surprised to learn they were both there for the weekend. We had a great time and everyone left as friends.

                               Here are some class shots. We had lots of room and good lighting.

I actually did find a Saturday class shot. This was during lunch. Bonnie is looking at a little bitty sewing machine. I wasn't close enough but I don't think it was real.

Can you see my block? Here's a hint; it stands out in the crowd.

On Monday dh and I went to a couple of museums

After coming home I stayed away from the sewing machine for days. Well mainly because I had to go back to work.  So on Presidents Day weekend I sewed from morning till midnight on Saturday and Sunday. This is how far I got on my spider quilt.  Monday I went in search of more fabric. I don't have enough of the yellow fabric to finish this quilt. I bought the fabric years ago for another quilt that didn't happen. I went to Joannes to see if I had bought it there. I told the clerk that they had it in red, blue and green. Did they have it in the yellowy orange? Of course not. I found some similar but it had a little more orange in it. Just figures. I am heading out this weekend to buy a new bed so I will hit up some fabric stores to see how close I can come.
After several days of non stop sewing  I was so proud of myself for getting so many triangles done. Then I assembled the blocks and my bubble burst. Only four blocks were done. Then suddenly it didn't seem so impressive.
Since I am at a stand still I will take this time to get going on Lazy Sunday. Which for me has been Lazy February.  Lots of cutting.


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