Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sorry it has been so long since my last post in Atlanta.  It's taken me this long to sit down and transfer and shrink photos. Not to mention on the day we came home I got sick. So there went the rest of last week. Then it was back to work. And we all know how that can interfer with other plans.

On the third we worked on the scrappy spiderweb quilt. This was fun. I'm not sure how my picture created a mirror image on my table but I'm glad it did. I just couldn't believe that they called for lunch. being on Pacific time I wasn't ready. But took the break anyway.

The day just flew by and before we knew it it was time to pack it all up. I miss the ladies from that guild. Then we had a guild meeting the 4th.  I hear they have Bonnie coming back in 2017. Just may have to look into that trip.

On the 4th we played tourists. We went to the CNN for the behind the scenes tour. I tell you, the security there is tighter than at the airport. As we were walking down the halls if we came to an area that had more than one door to go through there was at least one big armed guard there to make sure you went through the correct door. As you can see this building is huge! The ground level is gift shops and the food court. All the news happens in the upper floors.

Then we went on to the World of Coke. Interesting. Who knew there were so many weird flavors put out by coke in the world.

When we were done we went on to Marietta to see a couple of museums. One was the Gone with The Wind memorabilia museum and the other was the Marietta history museum.

There was a crazy quilt made in the 1800's (I believe thats what the plaque said) in the history museum.
Anybody have any good guesses on my date? Don't hold me to that date.

The gone with the wind museum had a quilt as well. Looked store bought to me but who knows.
I'll let you decide.

After we finished up here we went across the street to an antique store.
Only one item came home with me on that trip. A Carnival glass pitcher that was made sometime between 1910-1914. Sorry no pictures of that.
I did however get a picture of a few quilts. They were very nice and very expensive. So I just took pictures and can enjoy them that way.
I just love the green and pink one on the bottom. But all of the quilts in the building were a lot over what I would spend. I just oohed and ahhed.
Once I get my other pictures shrunk down I will continue to play catch up on posting.

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