Friday, December 28, 2012

step 6

I was able to finish this step while the family was out playing in the snow. They aren't busy like Bonnie's but I am using what I have.  When I get a cable I will upload my picture of this step.   Tomorrow I will work on quilting a twin quilt for first responders in Connecticut.

This week has just not been our week. Starting Christmas Eve we had problems. We got to our vacation home and dh unloaded the truck at the garage. When he went to start it to put it in the garage. Wouldn't start. Of course we had to wait till the day after Christmas to fix it. It was a clogged fuel filter. This prevented us from continuing on to Boise for Christmas with family. While here I shoveled the driveway entrance so we didn't have to take a running start to get through the snow. While doing this the snow plow was driving by. He saw me out there and proceeded to rebuild the burm that I had just cleared. How rude was that?! We have 13 inches of snow on our property.  Then this morning we had no water. A part on the pump froze. Guess that would happen when it's only 19 degrees outside.  We set out a heater and tada, we had water again.

Last night I took apart my machine so I could clean out the lint. Now I have a screw that won't go back in and I can't back stitch. I hope that's because of the screw. I'll have to take it in and get it taken care of.

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