Saturday, December 1, 2012

I spent last night cutting out my geese parts for step 2. I even got the extra bricks cut for a later step. Now to sew them into geese.

Just got home after taking M out to a late breakfast. She is off to a skate party in a couple of hours then maybe we will go downtown for the Christmas festival.

It all depends on whether or not its raining when she gets home. DH is taking her to the skate party and will stay with her so, that is my time to sew in piece. no spelling boo boo there.

I am using Bonnie's color for this step. The purple anyway. I just don't have any black on white. I do have whites on black but that wouldn't work.

Now if this headache would just go away I'll be great. M is watching Bambi so, I am going to start sewing.

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