Saturday, December 29, 2012

Step 6 photo

Found a cable that will work with my camera so I am adding my step 6 picture.

The bottom triangle really isn't that washed out in color. With the lighting and flash it looks like a neutral. But it isn't.

I went to a repair shop in hopes of getting my machine working properly again. The guy was able to get the screw back into its place. Note to self; DONT TOUCH that particular screw! Without doing a complete service on it, which it probably needs, he couldn't help with the lack of backstitching. So I am going to drop it off on our way home Monday and limp along on the little Pixie that I bought for my neice to use when she is at my house.

Now to find a charging cable for my laptop. It somehow ended up under the mechanism of my recliner and it damaged the wires. I checked at Office Max and they said they had one that "might" work. It was only $70. No thank you. I will keep looking. Found one online for under $7 Glad I checked before I tried to buy anything.

M decided to help shovel snow in the driveway. She was so cute trying. It was 13 inches in the driveway so she didn't do much. But it was fun to watch.
The sun is out and my battery on this computer is about to die so I will pull my machine out of the bag and set it up to work on the quilt that I am sending to Connecticut.

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