Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy St. step 4 and crazy winter

I got step 4 finished before bed tonight. Since I didn't do anything more than cut out for that step on Friday, didn't touch it Saturday, I did pretty good.

Saturday I took my sister out so we could finish up our Christmas shopping. I wanted to head east. About 30 miles out of town there was packed snow. Not a problem as we were at the summit. But an overturned truck on the road and apparently a bus that tried to go around and then got stuck closed the road. So, we turned around and headed another direction. She got lucky with being able to find everything she was looking for. Me on the other hand, not so much. Now I have to pay more to "shop local" .

Tonight the wind is just howling. Sounded like the roof was going to fly off. Wonder how much damage I'll find in the morning.

For all of you quilters that are going to find some down time after Christmas there has been a call for 150 quilts for the victims, first responders and dispatchers in Newtown Connecticut. Below is a post from their facebook page:

"For those of you contacting me about quilts for families in Newton, here is an address to mail them to:Newtown ECC Dispatch Supervisor 3 Main Street Newtown CT 06470 Make mention of 911 CARES so they know you are part of our "family of support" Share this post and PLEASE respect their request for no phone calls for a few days until things quiet down a bit.
**I know it is Christmas and the holiday season, but I am going to say right out of the gate we need to get at least 150 quilts to the victims families, teachers, police officers and yes, communications department.

Can you help?

Back to the grind tomorrow. Hope we don't loose power due to the storm. I'd hate to be late for work.

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  1. Great colors and great geese. Your weather sounds dreadful--I am in Ohio and we are supposed to start getting wind and snow tomorrow and Friday.