Friday, November 2, 2012

A star is born

Last night was my premier for what is called a sizzle reel for a new show concept called Animal House. Think Extreme Home Makeover for animal shelters and you get the idea. Sadly our dog shelter is a few tuff sheds built at the county landfill.

As the first shelter to benefit from the show if/when it gets picked up by a network it will be a real blessing. The night was full of political candidates. We had a great turnout and lots of fun.
Now we just wait and see.

I am getting a warm and cozy flannel quilt ready to be quited tonight for the Aurora Emergency responder (and victims) quilt drive.Hopefully I can get that shipped out early next week. Then I can do the same on my chemo quilt for our hospital. Then I can maybe get back to Midnight Flight, if  and I mean a big if, it isn't time for Bonnie's mystery quilt called Easy Street. Hope it lives up to its name.

They just don't build halloween costumes like they used to. M went as a princess this year and by the time we got home it had ripped out. To the point we had to throw it away. She was happy with her candy haul. I was just glad that we had good dry weather to be out in. Right to the end.

Tomorrow begins the holiday shopping. I am going out with my sis all day kid free. I have such a super hero husband. He is staying home with M and my neice.

Well I should get back to work. Literally, just home for a quick lunch break.

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