Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Missing tools and doctors

When I travel to my vacation home I pack up my fabric and tools and sew the time away. Usually. There is nothing more annoying than to get where I am 5 hours away from all of my supplies and find I forgot something. After sewing two little
blocks into one I pulled out my squares and prepared to mark them for the hst's that they will become. Only to find I forgot the marking pencil. Neither of the two quilt shops here had the one I forgot. I had to go with one that needs a sharpener and then the lead keeps breaking. Frustrating!!

M is doing well after her surgery Friday. She had a little more pain this time around than she did last year but I think the doctor did more to her.  Thankfully the pain didn't last. She will be back in school on Monday. Could be back now but no need to rush things.

Now I have my sis in surgery. I keep telling the family only one person at a time. She should be home by the end of the day. We are just praying that the doctor gets it all this time and the tests come back negative.

Well, I guess my break is over and I should get back to those hst's. They won't finish themselves.
But how cool would that be??

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