Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sisters Oregon quilt show

This morning started very early. We left the house at 6:00am to head into Sisters for
breakfast and then the show. We got there at 7:00.  I thought that was a bit early but there was no traffic backup to be found and we found a good parking space. I don't recommend getting there any later. Unless you like sitting on the road in traffic. Got our breakfast and watched as the firefighters were hanging the quilts.

As a fund raiser there were calendars for sale titled The men behind the quilts
Let your mind imagine with that title. But I didn't buy one.

I was able to find one of those machine seam guages like the one Bonnie Hunter
showed on her site.

And now for some eye candy.

I wonder where this can be found.

We left at 10:30 and OMG! the traffic was nearly stopped coming into Sisters from Bend for
at least a mile out. Not quite that bad coming in from Redmond but still bad. I'm soo glad that we got here as early as we did.  We were there and gone before it got too hot or crowded. This was
my first time to this show and now that I've been, it won't be my last.

There was a quilt from one of the Quiltville gals who made Orca Bay on display. I showed a photo
to my friends of my Tillamook (Orca) Bay but it was great to show them  one in person.

I will have to think about putting one of my quilts in the show next year. One of Bonnie's designs for sure.

Well, back to my bom. I have June and July to sew together and then work on cutting a curtain panel down to fit two windows. Then I can relax and maybe just read a book.


  1. Thank you for sharing your photos. This girl appreciates it, since she couldn't go to Sisters herself! I really like seeing the Bonnie Hunter design 'Orca Bay' entered!

  2. I saw that Orca Bay from across the street and was SO excited to see one in person! :-)