Sunday, July 8, 2012

another flimsy done!

I am just cruising along getting caught up on my quilts lately. Within two days of dropping off my ds & ddil's quilt with my wonderful quilter, I got a call saying it was ready to be picked up. talk about turn around! Now I can spend all next week working on putting the binding on it. It turned out great. I chose a red thread for the quilting and love the way it stands out on the white blocks. I am going to bind it in the black fabric that is in the quilt. Here is a close up of the stitching. How apropriate that there are hearts in it.

Then today I got my Nine in the middle quilt to flimsy stage. Which for me is done.

It may sit in a drawer for awhile but when the right time comes it will be ready.

I had a family free week to work on these. Next weekend it will be off to the Sisters quilt show! 
What will I do with all that free time? What else, start another quilt.

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  1. Your quilting looks terrific and I love the Nine in the Middle scrap quilt! Congrats on your progress!