Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crazy critter and beautiful day

Today I had a bird land on the my work truck and it wouldn't fly off. I pulled out of the parking space and headed to the road. All the while it dug in and hung on. As I was merging into traffic
it started sucking in the bugs but once I hit 30 mph it decided that was too much for it and it
flew off. I wonder if it would've perched on the steering wheel if I had the window down. Wish I'd had a video camera instead.  Of course I drive an animal control truck so not sure what it
really wanted.

I am now in LaPine and can't wait for the Sisters quilt show this weekend.
If I'm lucky I will see Bonnie during the show. Got the battery charged up on
my camera and my comfy shoes. I'm so ready.

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