Sunday, December 11, 2011

Step 4: Complete

Friday after work I had a quilt retreat here at home. The family went out of town for the weekend and I sewed until about 2:00am Friday and Saturday. By this afternoon I was done with that step.

 I'm not sure how I miss counted but when it comes to the red string blocks I made a whole lot extra. I use the create a sheet of fabric with many strips and then cut them down method. Lots of waste? Yeah, probably but I now have many leftover triangles and three extra sheets of red strips that I can cut to almost any size string blocks.  Now I can finish the binding on a Christmas quilt.That should be a relaxing couple of nights in front of the tv and fire. There have been some really good Christmas shows on tv lately.


  1. They look fabulous! I'm only about half done with step 4, so I'm way behind you, Good job!

  2. Thanks, I found it went a little faster to trim up more than one at a time. Probably not recommended but if they wont slide around it will save some time.

  3. very nice color ! happy to see the blogs of quilters who are doing orca bay !