Saturday, December 31, 2011

Orca Bay and other happenings

Step 7 has come out and I almost finished the first half of it when I ran out of thread. Don't know why I didn't think to pack another spool and my sidewinder. I bought more thread today, a type I haven't used before and found it winds the bobbin too loose and then I end up with a tension problem that makes what I am sewing scrunch up. So here I am with no car and no idea when dh will be back.  And can't keep up. Can it get any worse??

Guess I am just going to read till I finish that book. That will be three books read in a week. Over 500 pages each.  Bought myself a Kindle. Think it will come in very handy.

We got some snow last night. It was so pretty waking up to the bright blue sky and white yard. Going back to reality tomorrow is going to be rotten since all we get there is rain and gloomy skies.

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