Thursday, December 15, 2011

A finish

I am finally done done with roll roll cotton boll. I finished the binding last night. I have been quilting for about 16 years. Wow, I feel old! In all that time I have not been happy with my bindings. After reading Bonnie's tips on binding I discovered I have been doing it wrong all these years. Of course nobody who received one has said anything but I realized how much better and easier it went together when done correctly. Just goes to show your never too old to learn. The picture of the front came out kinda fuzzy. Not sure why. But the back side where you can see the quilt motiff (sp) showed up nicely. The pattern was called Brenda's tulips. That was meant to be since that's my name.

After a Christmas party tomorrow, I am sending little one to grandma's house for the weekend. Hopefully I can really devote that time to step 5. All the presents are wrapped, food for party is done. husband has to sleep during the day so it should be easy to do.

I took gifts to my dil today. My son has to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I remember those days. When they are able to come here we will be visiting other family. So will miss them greatly.

Dh did a nice thing for me the other day. He brought the tv from our bedroom and put it where I can see it from my cutting table and connected it to the dish. Now I can see it no matter what action I am taking on a quilt. While this may seem like a random act of kindness on his part, he is having to make up for ruining my Christmas surprise. I gave him only ONE rule for Christmas. DON'T go in the closet in the guest bedroom.
Well, the dish installer came out a couple days ago and dh opened the closet and voila! There was the gift I had not wrapped. I was going to set it up after having him called away. GRRR. Since there was no need to keep it stored I brought it out and set it up and we are using it every day. Next year I will leave all gifts at work where we have a room to use for just such occasions.

Tomorrow is step 5 for OB can't wait to get home from work and begin this step.

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  1. I'm a self taught quilter ... what little I know I learned from my mom. She always used bias tape which she sewed on, turned under and stitched into place. She never "bound" a quilt ... and for the LONGEST time, I didn't either (up until about 3-4 years ago, I didn't even realize that there was any other way to finish a quilt). Now I wish I could go back and refinish all my earlier quilts. ha! I need to go see Bonnie's binding recommendations ... I could no doubt still learn a few tricks!