Sunday, November 13, 2011

Home repairs

This past weekend we found the vinyl had finally been installed in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. So I spent my time on finishing the kitchen. I put the baseboard trim on. DH installed the lower cabinets and counter and sink. Now there does come a time when men need to put down their tools and step away.  We had water coming out of the top of the faucet when the water was connected. Not sure how that happened since it wasn't broke when it was taken out. Then it began spraying under the new to me cabinets and my new floor (in an area that the water could go under the vinyl) ARGGG!! 

He promised to call a plumber on Monday. Until then no kitchen sink. We brought back in the fridge and microwave and called it good. Then I will paint all the cabinets to match and the kitchen will be done. We head back for Thanksgiving and I hope to put the trim around the floor in the laundry room, connect the washer/dryer and think about painting the bathroom and putting in the floor trim there too. Then all I have to do is wait for the money tree to grow in the backyard and I can get the carpeted areas finished. But that tree died in the first rain sooo..... Looks like sometime next spring for carpet. But at least we won't fall thru. I looked in a realty book today on the drive home and saw the most beautiful sunset shown in one of the listings. Way better than showing the house that's for sale. Made me want to change my color choices for Orca Bay. But I don't have any of those pinks and purples.  In trying to pull fabrics for about two to three quilts that I am working on I have learned what I am sorely missing. OOhhh a reason to go shopping. Darn money tree anyway. Maybe I should take the lottery tickets DH left here and see if I, ahem, I mean he, won anything. Until the next adventure.

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