Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Catching up

Wow, how time flys.  There has  been a lot going on in my household in the last year. Moved, left a frustrating job only to take another one that just told me "we don't have enough work to keep you on". At least we are going into tourist season. So a new job should be coming along soon. If not I hope my business which is an errand running/housecleaning service takes off.

By the end of last year, I managed to complete five, yes five quilts! Bonnie's mystery quilt, block of the month at my lqs, Bonnie's "Tumalo Trail", Bonnie's Jamestown Landing and Cathedral Stars.

Tumalo Trail
It started snowing in October and we still have snow on the ground since then. I am so tired of seeing it. We got 15 inches in the first 24 hours. Today we still have about 12 inches in parts of the yard as well as about three inches of ice in the driveway.
Well, little miss M will be coming thru the door any time now so I will have to get ready for her.

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