Monday, March 4, 2013

Deal of the day

I went to our local Goodwill and looked for fabric I found 9 yards of cotton fabric brand new for only $12.99! I scooped that up right away.  I normally only get about half a yard if it's colored and maybe a yard for neutrals but no way was I passing up a great price like that.
White with pink swirlies all over. I may have this forever but thats okay.

UPS came today to deliver a foam bed topper that we bought. Someone actually punched a hole in the box so they could get a grip.  I am not the strongest person but I was able to carry it from the driveway into the house without damaging the box. On one corner it was ripped so bad someone had to tape it at a corner. Bet if I complain they blame the company I bought it from. Here's some pictures. What do you think?

Good thing it wasn't fragile!
On the really good part of my day, I got an email saying I am registered for Bonnie's Cathedral Stars and Jamestown Landing classes in Medford Oregon in September. I almost told my boss I didn't need that week off. I'm soo glad that I didn't do that! This means I will have those two and Mountain Majesties and Scrappy Spiderweb quilts going at one time. I can use three out of four as leaders and enders. That will keep me quite busy. I was so excited that I started prepping my fabric for the classes.
I grabbed the bag that had all of the leftover neutral string triangles from rrcb. I figure if I sew them back into an 8" square (or whatever size they come out to) I will have a head start on the neutral string blocks for Jamestown Landing Since those are only 4 1/2". How's that for recycling fabric? 

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