Saturday, October 20, 2012

So frustrated

I have my sister and niece here for a creative weekend. Sis is scrapbooking and my niece is working on her own quilt.

I have been working on my Midnight Flight. This is where it gets frustrating. I was so happy to see I have about a dozen blocks done. Then looked at the first one I did and saw that ALL of the rest of them were put together backwards!!!

The correct version:

And here is the backwards version:

The black triangles are facing the wrong way. I think it still looks great so I am just going to finish it this way and be done with it. Much like Bonnie, I won't be making another one of these. It is just way too easy to get the pieces backwards and not catch it in time. You could say I did more frogging than sewing. My niece had the same problem. She found she sewed a strip of sashing upside down.

Guess I should check on dinner and get back to the machine.

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