Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Sew-in days

Friday after work I packed up my quilting gear and headed two towns north and locked myself in a motel room. I had an ocean view (partial), a fireplace and a law and order maration. The best hotel experience I've ever had. only the room below mine was rented and I didn't hear them the whole time. Here is a shot of my view and room.

I either have a lot of extra pieces or not enough. I'm not sure which. I need to research out how many blocks this quilt will end up having.

As promised, we got some snow today. At home it was about an inch. Where I was it was about half an inch of hail. I couldn't tell if it made it clear to the shore or not.
M lost her second tooth today. With my help. She was so happy to know that the dentist wasn't going to be the person pulling her tooth. Now her adult teeth can move into the correct position.

What a sweet husband I have. He is making lasagna for dinner. With no help from me and it was his idea.


  1. Wow ... what a cool idea of booking a hotel room for a sewing get-away. ;-) Of course, now that it's just DH and me, I don't need to do that (since he's content as long as he's got his recliner, sports on TV and the remote). Hope you got a lot of sewing done. ;-)

  2. I did get all of the pieces I brought turned into blocks for Orca Bay. It was nice not being responsible to care for anyone but myself. Even brought my own food that I prepared before I headed to the hotel. Just microwaved it and kept sewing. That way I didn't have to leave the room until I checked out. Definitely something I will do again. Sometimes you just have to have family free days. My dh isn't into sports so there isn't much at home to keep him occupied.