Sunday, October 9, 2011

sewing along

So far today I have completed eleven more blocks for ds quilt. I am now up to 19. The next time I sit down I will have completed 33 blocks. Since I am not working with a quilt from a book or magazine I really don't know how many blocks or worse yet how many pieces I need to cut. My lqs is loving me right now. looks like I will be going back for more fabric. I tried to buy it one yard at a time but I have run out.  An option might be to not use the same block throughout but I don't know what would work on this. Thoughts?? This was a great way to spend a somewhat cloudy day. I did finish (okay I still have to bind it) the last baby quilt that I made. This was for a girl and came together very fast. Some of the design on the purple stripped blocks look like bugs got on the quilt but that is not the case. They are actually rainbows.

Next weekend I am going to be putting three kids, four if you count the one I married, just kidding dear, to work. Plus one that will just be in the way. There is painting in two bedrooms and the hallway, tearing out the kitchen sink, counter and cabinets as well as bring in the appliances from the garage to be done. Then I get to pay for the work to the floors that was done. And arrange for him to come back and do more. Where is the lottery fairy when you need one?  Miss M gets her new brace Wednesday. This time the dr. better get it right!

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