Tuesday, October 18, 2011

contractors and remodeling

I spent the last weekend not working on a quilt but instead, I was tearing out the kitchen cabinets, sink and counter with my nephew. He loved the chance to break things and not get in trouble. Now all I have to do is get my flooring contractor to finish repairing most of my floors and installing new vinyl in two rooms to my satisfaction (not that I'm that picky) and I'll be a happy camper. Next weekend I am taking my neice and little miss M to grandma's house and make applesauce and apple butter and can some for apple pies.  Might even go clamming for dinner that night. Note to self; always tell dh when storing things in the oven. He just turned it on without looking inside and when the beeper told him it was up to temp. he opened it only to discover I had a metal mixing bowl full of apples inside. Had to throw out several apples. Live and learn.

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