Saturday, January 22, 2011

Organizing the chaos

Today I am cutting down a box of scraps that were gifted to me. It's amazing at just how long that can take.
I am using some of Bonnie Hunter's scrap system. I know many of her quilts take lots and lots of 2" squares so most of the scraps are going to the size. The larger pieces may stay as big scraps. Never know when that piece of fabric needs to be used in bigger size. Here is a picture of my cutting area with the fabric I am working on. It doesn't look like much but it seems like it when making those small squares. I already have a quilt in mind for them. The Scrappy Irish Chain. Only takes a little over 1,000 2" squares. Some in my family think I'm nuts for cutting fabric into little pieces only to sew it back together. But they won't turn down a quilt when completed. Guess I have to feed the little one. Seems she has to eat every day.

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