Monday, May 23, 2011


I can't belive how time flies. I got the baby quilt to the sandwich stage last weekend. Quilt and bind and it will be ready to reveal to the new parents. It's called Little Buggies by Michelle Crawford. I didn't have enough bug fabric but this worked. The bedroom is shared with a three year old brother who has a Buzz Lightyear theme from the movie Toy Story, for those with no kids in their lives.

We did find our vacation property. As a bonus to myself I am going to it next weekend and painting then hopefully starting to lay out the new flooring. After I get things cleaned up and installed I will have a wonderful place to go and quilt without being disturbed by pets for kids. I am looking so very forward to that day.

DD is going in for a new brace today. We'll see if it will support her ankle or not. Couldn't be any worse than the one the doctor ordered for her four months ago.

I will try to keep up with posting. It's hard to get too interested in computers when I am on them at work most of the day. But it is fun to show off so I will try to keep up. As far as the Bonnie Hunter quilt I stopped working on it to work on the baby quilt so now that I am done I need to get back in the groove of that quilt.
Till next time...

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